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Where the magic happens

Sam Bruhn


It's great to have a workplace you're excited to turn up to.

An office was always a dream of ours when we were starting Hightro in a garage. It was exciting to picture what it would look like. Thanks to Popspace's hospitality, we were able to answer that question and have been living the dream for the past 6 months or so.

Being able to move into an office space was super exciting! People talk about the benefits of working and living in a seperate environment, and for me personally, I definitely appreciate the serperation. It helps to be able to switch off and rest properly when you're home. It can be hard to resist the tempation of doing just a bit more work on that pesky bit of code you're writing or that bug you're fixing.

When the opportunity to move to Varsity Lakes presented itself, we leapt at it.

Varsity Lakes

Having history here made it all the more exciting to be working in the neighbourhood. When I was young, my Dad worked for Delfin in Varsity Lakes, so I'd often find myself here for dinner or to pick up something Dad had left at work. Strangely enough, I've found the area even more awesome now that I'm working here. The friendly people, great local cafes and bars and many other buinsess owners to talk to makes it an awesome little community that is great to work in.


Sylvie Danoy, the owner of Popspace, has been outstandingly kind to us since day 1. Working in a coworking space was something I had hesitations about but honestly I recommend people to give it a go at the very least.

Working alongside other professionals isn't just great for keeping productive, but for learning from people who have different skills and experiences. More perspectives on an idea can never hurt and I'd be lying if I didn't admit Sylvie has given me more great feedback on ideas that almost anyone I've ever worked with.

Personally, I love seeing new faces around, so if you're in the market for a place to work or study I encourage you to see what Popspace has to offer! Come and say hi!

Space Created

We try and make the best of the space whenever we can. I find the layout we have allows us to be able to cowork effectively and get tips from eachother on the fly when working on something new. Being able to bounce ideas off of not just ourselves at Hightro but others in the space can be great, especially when they have different experiences working in a given area.

For instance, when I am designing new logos or assets for a project, having outside feedback on what it makes someone think or feel is great! Is my desired effect landing on the viewer? Are they getting my message? Does it make sense without any background knowledge? These kinds of things matter, and having another experienced perspective at your beck and call is invaluable.

Socially it's great too. Catching up over lunch, coffee or a drink with others from the space or local area is awesome. Hearing what other people are working on gives you perspective on your own work as well as being a nice break from your own frustrations (or a way to vent them).

Kitting out our digs

We've made some... additions... to our work environment. Some for productivity and some, well, because they're fun and nifty.

sam's space

A graphics tablet and second monitor are my best friends on a day to day. We all have some goofy desk nick-nacks and Harry has a second computer to boot.

carl's space

harry's space

To top the space off we needed something for an authetic start up vibe... why not a 3D printer? What could go wrong there?

3d printer

It's fun to make the space our own just a bit.

Thanks for reading my ramble about work spaces, maybe I'll see you at Popspace sometime soon!