Hightro | Hightro Highlights - 19/3/21

Hightro Highlights - 19/3/21

Sam Bruhn


This week at Hightro, we've been hard at work getting ready to bring an exciting new product to market in the next couple of months. We'll have more to say on this very soon, so check back in the coming weeks for an announcement.

In the meantime, Hova is in full swing, with the userbase continuing to grow. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and warm reception of the app so far. Keep telling your friends, and reach out to us if you're an interested worker or business!

I've been researching productivity, company culture and methodologies. It's been an interesting time, seeing how massively successful companies from Google to Valve run their day-to-day and structure how they get things done. We want Hightro to be a great place to work for ourselves and future employees and this has started to shape our vision of what that will look like. It's a more interesting topic than I feel most people would give it credit for, so I'd highly suggest reading some of these large tech company employee handbooks and seeing what the staff say about them.

On the topic of company culture though, I wanted to talk a bit this week about our surrounding and extended team: Our new intern developers and our marketing associate Zac. We find having other professional people around always a joy, and working with this group has been nothing but!

Hightro: Industry Partner!

Over a short period of time we have had the experience of both being interns ourselves and hosting interns at Hightro.

My personal experience interning was honestly a joy, two days a week working on a data science project alongside Carl, sign me up! Working on an AI project and seeing how experienced data analysts viewed and valued our suggestions and strategies for business intelligence was a great learning experience. Working with fresh data was also awesome, and I say fresh meaning live, new data every day that no one else had ever looked over. No reference to rely on, just us on our own trying to figure out effective prediction models and analytical methods that gave useful information.

All of us at Hightro enjoyed the experience of combining what we knew with what other experienced people at an established business knew to make something special. We felt we wanted to give other students that same positive experience of learning once we founded Hightro, so that's what we've set out to do. Last year we hosted one intern, Ken Sullivan (Hi Ken!), and felt both ourselves and him learned from the experience.

This year, we have tripled the interns for triple the fun. The fresh and excited new faces of the people we have on board for this uni trimester has us keen to see what they'll one day go on to do in the industry when the complete their degrees later this year.


Balwinder Dhatt

Balwinder is completing his Bachelor of IT majoring is Software Engineering this year at Griffith University. We were blown away by his drive to achieve his dreams and his eagerness to learn more about other fields he hadn't studied in! He's been working in hospitality for 12 years and after conquering cooking he is making software development his next target!

Chomboon Lapanant (a.k.a., Pinto)

Pinto is completing her Bachelor of IT majoring is Software Engineering this year at Griffith University. We are excited about her quick ability to adapt to new technologies and can't wait to see where she focuses that skill next! Pinto is a talented programmer and multilinguist who is ready to apply her creativity to exciting software!

Guan-Tse Wu

Guan-Tse is an old friend of ours from our uni days, who is completing his Bachelor of IT majoring in Software Engineering this year at Griffith University. We've worked with him before, and know all too well how great his abilities to develop awesome software are and are beyond excited to be working with him again!


The final stretch

These amazing people started with us this month will be with us until June, when they will finish their degrees and be off into the industry. We are excited to share some of their great work with you all in the coming months!

A new best friend for the office

We also had a new furry employee this week! Introducing Chief Happiness Officer Taco! Taco is the "goodest boy" of the office this week while Sylvie minds him, so morale has understandably been at an all time high! Having an office dog has to be the best thing ever.

taco the pug

Taco wasted no time becoming Harry's best mate, helping him with new ways to deploy software to the web. Way to go Taco! Oh, thanks to Harry too!

Zac the marketing man

Another resident of the office as of late is Zac Lawrence, a good friend and skilled marketing manager. Zac has been helping us get Hova into the eyes and ears of more people and is also working on his brand of marketing consultancy: ZML Marketing.


ZML will have a website co-developed with Hightro go live in the coming months. For now here is a sneak peak of the logo!


We will give a shout here when Zac's ready to grow and encourage you to reach out to ZML if you're in the market for marketing.

That's it for this weeks Highlights, as I said though, check back in the coming weeks for a juicy announcement on some exciting new software coming to an app store near you! Thanks for reading, I'll be trying to do weekly or bi-weekly highlights posts, but if you want to get notified jump over to our Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and chuck us a follow to keep up with the latest and greatest at Hightro! Until next week!